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Prime Meridian monument at Peacehaven

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I've noticed that there's not that many pictures of Peacehaven on the web, so I'd like to rectify that. I have a few photos of Peacehaven starting in about 1980, which you can view in these pages, - I hope to expand upon them, and link to other Peacehaven pages. I lived in Peacehaven from 1962 -1973 and went to school at Roderick Avenue and Telscombe. I've visited regularly since. There's a mixture of record and pictorial photography, including a few of Saltdean, Rottingdean and Telscombe Village.
Appeal for Photographs

Do you have any photographs of "old" Peacehaven that I could use on these pages? - I'm looking to record how things change. - So yesterday would no doubt be different to today.- If you have photos you can scan I'd be pleased to receive them , or I can collect on my occasional visits. I would also be interested in any negatives that you might care to loan or donate or indeed any Peacehaven memorabilia. I would add that these pages are intended as an open resource to all, I have no commercial interest. View the Galleries!





Here's two photos new to the collection, thanks again to Barry Parks.
Photos © the Parks family
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First pic is of 13 Tor Road, and shows Barry's Grandmther (Marguetta Parks) paying the milkman. The boy is pretty likely to be his father (William Parks). Roderick Avenue is in the left background. About 1925. Second is a "cricket match" in the field next to his Grandparents' house at 13 Tor Road. It's done as a "vignette", 1930ish.


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