Paul Smith & Family Peacehaven History

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Peacehaven was a great place for kids. with the beach only a few hundred yards away, cliffs, caves and rock pools. I'm sure there should have been a secret passage from the spare room down to those caves, or was it just that I read to much Enid Blyton?
A series on the golden sands at Peacehaven. Ok, pebbles and pools. Note the lack of sea defences. The caves show how much erosion there was, and how dangerous the undercut cliffs were. In the lower middle picture you can clearly see the old Bastion at the foot of the cliffs, it was very difficult to clamber round to the beach. Grandma features in these pics too, along with Pat and the boys.
Away from Peacehaven on days out. In the left there's me in my best trunks on the beach at Seaford. The Martello tower had its precarious first floor amusement arcade, long since departed. In the middle, low tide at Tidemills, with Seaford in the background. I'm not sure where the right hand image was taken. -Cliffs and sea wall present, and looks like Seaford head in the far background. A winter shot with Jim in his cardigan, and Parick and me in our coats and balaclavas.
Crawling along the pebbles, Seaford I think. Back to Peacheaven fishing in the rock pools, and then a trip to (maybe) Seaford or Normans bay, with the Stirners Shiela, Frank, Alan and Christine
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