Paul Smith & Family Peacehaven History

We moved to Peacheaven in 1962. Me, my brother Patrick, parents Pat & Jim, and Grandma Olive. I was about three years old, and just about remember the chaos in the car. I remember well Nos 30 and 28 Slindon Avenue, "Kibworth House" and "Kibworth cottage"(where Grandma would live). Lots of workto be done, no mains sewerage yet, a cesspit at the far end of the back garden, and the cottage mostly a garage for the larger house. (click on any photo to view larger version)
28  Slindon Avenue, Kibworth Cottage
Our oldest Peacehaven photos. On the left. Kibworth house in 1962 or 63. The wooden fence in front didn't last long. Note the unmade road. Two photos of the cottage, with overgrown garden,and Patrick and me in our cowboys and indians days, in front of the cottage garage. If anyone has any earlier pictures of these properties, I'd very much like to see them.
A montage of the rear gardens of the two houses. Note beyond the tree, the side entance the cottage. This was soon bricked up when the garage area was converted into a living space. The cottage then boasted a kitchen with bath(!) living room, dining room, bedroom, loo - and walk in pantry.
Had lots fun in the back garden, perhaps the canoe in front of the coal shed would have been better used in the paddling pool -- In the middle that's Jim with our liver-spotted dalmation Rufus
That would be me again on the left - with Jim's Morris Minor company car, and I'm dressed as a he would as a salesman. (well actually I don't think he wore shorts and sandals, but he certainly had the bowler hat) - and Pat used to starch his collars. Then I show the ideal driving technique, (Mrs Cowley/Mrs Whittaker's house behind (and Martine appears like magic in the pram) so in that photo at least we must be in 1964
Old thermometer
In the back garden again, Pat and Rufus, Patrick and his new bike, then the only interior shot I can find from No. 30 - Martine in the bath. I well remember "listen with mother" on that wireless, and still have the thermometer on the right of the imgage, see the colour photo from 2012
Further magic as colour comes to Peacehaven. On the left Patrick and me with "Tip" who replaced the prematurely poorly Rufus. Note Grandma's caravan behind us, served as an extension to the cottage. Then a lovely family photo (and friends) at the front of No.30 - the fence has gone and a low wall appears. Jim clutching Martine, and wearing his favourite red jumper. Then in the photo on the right, Patrick, Martine, a red chair and furry bear --.
I've acquired Grandma's dog Beauco, while Patrick shows off his Telscombe Uniform. Then Martine joins us on the path, before Patrick, the dog, and me move round to Grandma's front garden to pose with Jim, - demonstrating the correct way to wear a bowler, without obstructing the rather upmarket 1100.
Patrick as a a photographer
The cottage in summer, with flowers in the rockery. Patrick ponders his photography, and we get our shirts off - in anticipation of a visit to the beach? Time to move on to the next page.
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