Peacehaven East Sussex

Here's some links to other Peacehaven Material - Click on the links to view - and mail me with any comments

Let me know if the links stop working
Peaehaven and Telscombe History Facebook Page
Poplett /Troak Peacehaven History - Flickr pages, loads of photos
Saltdean Lido Photos (It's nearly Peacehaven)
1970s Peacehaven Carnival (Neal Bateman's Youtube Videos)
WRVS "Memory Wall" Peacehaven Memories
Joe Neilson talks about growing up in Peacehaven
Reuben Lanham talks about his childhood memories (Youtube video)
Fairseat Peacehaven - a smallholding (More info please!)
A Ring of Shrapnel: Memories of a Land Girl in Peacehaven
Roderick Avenue water rations 1949
"A disgusting blot on the landscape"
Peacehaven Historic Character Assessment Report November 2004 (PDF)    
(Peacehaven) Coastal Erosion (PDF)
Grandma P's Blog ---- Anzac on Sea (Cairo Stores)
The Coastal Blitz by David Rowland
I'll add more links as I find them - I welcome suggestions


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